Stand-Alone Exhibits KL02 Flying carpet


Can you fly and float without wings?

Fill the compressed-air tank.
Release the air by pressing the button and push yourself off to slide.

For a period of about 45 seconds, the carpet is carried by the air column without friction along
the smooth floor.

The air column causes an upward lifting force that is greater than the gravitational pull of the Earth. When the pressure of the air cushions decrease, the force is no longer sufficient to counteract the gravitational effect and the carpet lowers to the floor. Compressed air is overpressurized air which can be used to power machines. The pressure of compressed air is generally less than 10 bar, and it can vary from one system to the next. The bar system is based on so-called normal temperature and pressure (NTP) conditions, where the pressure is 1 bar and the temperature of the air is 0°C. The air pressure decreases as we move higher up from the sea level.

Hovercrafts, or air cushion vehicles, are efficient, because they are fast and can travel over any type of terrain or water conditions, even over swamps and quicksand. Hovercrafts are utilised by, for example, the military.

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