Stand-Alone Exhibits KL03 Blasting barrels


Can you shoot air?

Aim the barrel at the target area.
Then sharply hit the rubber drumhead of the barrel.

A sharp hit on the rubber drumhead of the barrel changes the pressure of the air column inside the barrel. Your hit sends forth the air column, as a pressure wave, and when the wave reaches the target area, you can clearly see where it hits.

BThe components of gases and liquids can move almost independently in relation to one another. Pressure has a significant impact on the density of gas. The pressure wave travels through the gas and spreads out over a larger area as it moves away from its source. The air pressure surrounding us is equal to the weight of an air column that extends up to the top of the Earth’s atmosphere divided by the cross-sectional area of the column. Under high pressure, the air pressure is higher than that of its surrounding area.

The sound of all wind instruments is created when the musician blows into the instrument and the air column inside begins to vibrate. The length of the air column inside the instrument determines the pitch of the note played.

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