Arena Table Exhibits KL30 Too much air


Are ships sinking in the Bermuda Triangle?

Press the button to send air bubbles into the
plastic tube and watch what happens to the ship.

When the bubbles reach the surface of the water,
the ship begins to sink.

Gas released from the bottom rises as bubbles toward the surface. A large amount of bubbles decreases the mean density of the water, and a ship situated where the gas reaches the surface will lose the buoyant force of the water and sink like a stone.

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the Atlantic Ocean, located between the southern tip of Florida, and the isles of Puerto Rico and Bermuda, where numerous ships and aeroplanes have allegedly disappeared. According to one theory, the reason for these mysterious disappearances is the methane gas in the sea bottom around Bermuda. There is, however, no reason to assume that gas would discharge in this region more often than in other regions with volcanically active seabeds.

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